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Earth Scented Organic Glycerin Soap- 3 Pak

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Natural, organic glycerin soaps made the old-fashioned way. Glycerin comes from plant oils. Interstingly, it also occurs naturally in fermented foods, like our shrubs and vinegars.

Glycerin was discovered by a Swedish chemist in 1779 by heating up olive oil. People started using glycerin to create soap soon after by heating up particular plant oils then letting the solution cool and harden. After the soap is hard, it is cut into bars.

Pure glycerin soap is natural. It doesn’t contain preservatives, alcohol, fragrances, or other chemical ingredients. It is a great alternative to global soap brands, particularly for people with sensitive skin.

Your skin’s microbial communities and natural oils are often stripped when you bath with convential store-shelf soaps. Glycerin does not hurt your skin microbiome, and can actually help lock in your skin’s natural moisture.